March 11, 2017

Prepare somewhere for your dog to hide so they can feel safe. This can be in the form of a den. A den can be a dog crate, large box or simply a table covered with thick blankets. The den should be placed away from doors and windows ideally near where the dog normally sleeps;

Walk your dog during daylight hours to prevent the possibility of fireworks being set off whilst the dog is outside;

Behave normally; as hard as it sounds, ignore dogs when they are pacing and showing signs of stress, attempting to calm your pet can make the behaviour worse. However, stay with your pet during firework season as this will provide familiarity;

Fireworks and dogs

Close all windows, curtains and doors as well as leaving the television on or playing some music to help muffle the sounds;

Use a plug-in synthetic comforting hormone diffuser, best placed near the den. If you are considering using one remember to plug it in at least a few days before the fireworks begin;

Provide distractions by placing the dog’s favourite toys or treats in or near the den;

Do not punish dogs showing signs of firework fear – you may find the fear will get worse every year if you do so!

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