March 02, 2017

February we launched #PetOfTheWeek over on our Facebook and Twitter pages and wow we got such an amazing response! As 2017 marks our 10th year in business, we’re all about celebrating pets so we thought it would be great to shine the spotlight on a special pet every week this year!

At the end of each month we’re going to share their stories, so if you aren’t following us over on our social media pages you get to see the special furry friends that have been our stars that month.

The stars for February were… Cody, Sasha and Tommy.



“I had wanted a puppy for years but after my mum died in August 2011 I needed a comfort, something to help with the loss, grief and a reason to smile again so after a lot of pleading to hubby, we found Cody. We decided on a cross breed (mongrel) so we checked out the sites and he popped up Cody’s mum was a labradoodle and his dad a liver and white Border collie blimey what a mix but we loved the photos of the puppies so went to see the litter, chose him and a few weeks later bought him home

He’s just a great all round boy smart always looking to learn, but very shy with strangers and very sensitive but so loving to us, loyal and would burst his heart for you. He’s also ball mad and loves the water (including the muddy kind) and lives for the beach.

But his favourite thing ever is to throw himself through the growing corn, rape or anything that’s growing in the farmers’ fields it’s like he’s on springs he just loves it so much.

2 years ago, I started competing at agility with him with no expectations but he made G3 but last year I noticed he seemed stiff so gave him a year out and thanks to you guys put him on YuMOVE and he seems more subtle so this year we are going back to the ring just to compete lightly and of course back to the beach x

He really has been the light on my darkest days, the cuddle I needed, the I will lay with you all day if that’s what you want, the boy that brought back my smile and still does every day.”

Cody’s owner: Suzie

Pet of the month Cody


“Sasha is 8 years old and a complete diva! She is a beautiful blonde and she knows it. She has just recently lost her best friend Roxy our other retriever so she is a little quiet at the mo. Normally Sasha is such a funny character, she has very long ears which she throws back and barks at us when she wants something. Although she is 8 she is still very playful and friendly. She loves her walks and playing in water, whatever the weather is doing. She takes YuMOVE Dog for her joints and they really seem to work, she has been on them about a year now. Thank you again!”

Sasha’s owner: Tracey

Pet of the month Sasha



“Tommy is a very cheeky, ball crazy Staffordshire bull terrier living in North Wales with his sisters Bonnie and Bella, and Ebony the Great Dane & Princess the whippet!

He enjoys having a good run on the beach and sometimes it takes me a long time to get him back out of the sea, he loves water! 😂 He's a bit of a wimp and doesn't like it when the other dogs start playing rough together he will take himself off to bed 🙈

Tommy believes he is the ultimate lapdog 😂”

Tommy’s owner: Jade

Pet of the month Tommy

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