September 14, 2016

It hardly seems possible to myself and my co-founder John Davies that 10 years have passed since we first opened for business here at Lintbells. Thousands of pet owners have bought our products and shared their stories with us in our first decade and we’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Hearing about your dogs, cats and horses and how we have been able to help them has been hugely inspiring and rewarding, and still drives everything we do.

The last 10 years has seen a huge amount of change and growth. From the early days where John & I worked to set the company up whilst holding down our day jobs, we’re now lucky enough to have attracted over 50 fantastic people to work in the Lintbells team. As well as the UK, we now help pets to live happy, healthy lives in over 20 countries, working with individuals and teams in those countries who share in our values to do the best we can for their customer’s pets.

This year has been very special to us for other reasons too. We were very proud to be awarded a Queens Award for Enterprise in Innovation for the unique method we developed to prove our supplements do all that we say they will. Pet owners like you play a big role in that process, telling us what support you need to keep your pet healthy and sharing your insights at all stages. So, a big thank you to anyone who has given us feedback over the years – you help make us better.

We’ve also made a conscious effort never to think that we’re so good that we can’t improve. I hope that you’ve welcomed the changes we’ve made to packaging and the Lintbells website this year to help you choose and use the appropriate supplements for your pets. Our programme of continual improvement in the ingredients we use means that popular products such as YuDERM and YuMOVE are now the best they’ve ever been. And our recent launch of YuCalm is the result of several years of work with specialists to develop the best calming product we could.

Every business large or small starts off with a dream. Our dream is still very real to us so we’ll never stop striving to make effective, high quality, natural pet supplements. As long as you keep telling us what your pet needs, we’ll keep listening.

So, it’s a big heartfelt thank you from all of us at Lintbells. Thank you for joining us on our pet care journey. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you for trusting Lintbells to keep your pet healthy and happy.

John Howie - Co-Founder