March 18, 2019

Being a company that cares is definitely about looking after staff and the environment. But for us, it also means caring for animals worldwide (800,000 dogs so far and counting!) and supporting some amazing animal charities.

“It’s really important to me to work for a company that cares,” says Siobhan Griffin of Lintbells. “My background is as a vet nurse and this is my first job out of practice. It’s so rewarding to work for a company where we can reach so many cats, dogs and horses and their owners. Animal welfare is my passion and it’s the company’s too.”

On Companies that Care day, 18 March, we celebrate how we put animal welfare at the heart of everything we do.

Stiff joints? Itchy skin? Dodgy digestion? We’re here to help

Lintbells product range

Every single one of our products starts with a pet in need, which is why we’ve devoted so much time to researching and producing innovative natural supplements. Our commitment to improving the lives of dogs, cats and horses has resulted in products that support skin and coat condition, digestive health, joint care and behaviour.

Some of the animals in most desperate need are looked after by the charities we support.

Caring for animals near and far

In the last couple of years, we’ve given our support to over 400 charities, from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home to rescue centres that provide desperately-needed services to a variety of animals.

Lintbells has supported over 400 charities in the last two years

“We help our chosen charities in all kinds of ways,” says Amanda Smith of Lintbells. “We raise money through events throughout the year and donate our products too.”

From swimming puppies to Sri Lankan street dogs

“Recently, we’ve supported charities all over the UK including Beagle Welfare, Doberman Rescue, Cavaliers in Need, Irish Retriever Rescue and the Welsh agility team. We’ve also helped the Yorkshire Canine Therapy Centre, which does fabulous canine hydrotherapy, and Hounds First - a rescue centre for Sighthounds and Lurchers.”

Further afield, we’re doing our bit to help sick, disabled and vulnerable street animals, including the growing population of stray cats and dogs in Sri Lanka. “Animal SOS Sri Lanka is a unique facility that provides a safe haven for animals at risk,” says Amanda. “They rely on the generosity of supporters to continue their work, and we help by shipping Lintbells products to them twice a year.”


We love Luna Animal Rescue

Natalie from Luna with dog

We have to admit, though, that Luna Animal Rescue has a special place in our hearts. Based just down the road from us in Arlesley, Bedfordshire, it’s a charity that rescues and rehomes dogs, cats and small animals. (When we last looked, Sprout the hedgehog was still looking for a new home.)

“For a small charity, Luna rescues a lot of animals,” says Siobhan Griffin. “They don’t have kennels, but foster dogs and cats in people’s homes and take care to make sure that the people who foster and rehome their animals are exactly the right fit for that pet.”

“Just recently, they found a dog who was in a very sorry state, completely blind after someone had poured acid on its face. It needed a really special home and people who could look after a blind dog. But they found just the right place. They always put the animal’s needs first.”

As Luna relies completely on volunteers and donations, we support them however we can. We have regular bake sales and supply them with a whole range of our joint, skin and digestion supplements.

Looking after unwanted animals

“Unfortunately, there’s a huge need for people to look after animals that are disposed of or unwanted, or where the owners can no longer look after them because of illness,” says Natalie Howe, one of Luna’s trustees. “We take as many animals as we can and make sure that all our dogs and cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea-treated and vet checked.”

“As well as fundraising for us, Lintbells supply us with all kinds of products, including YuMOVE, YuDERM and YuDIGEST,” adds Natalie. “They’re also brilliant at helping with questions about animal welfare. If I ever ring up wanting to know, for example, if I can give YuDIGEST to a dog with an upset stomach, they’re always helpful and lovely to deal with.”

The patter of tiny paws

Siobhan's pets asleep

Several of our team members have done more than bake cupcakes in aid of Luna. They’ve been lucky enough to adopt rescue animals.

“I’ve adopted two cats from Luna – Tigger and Coconut,” says Siobhan. “Their mum died when they were kittens and I’ve had them since they were 12 weeks old. They were both very scraggy-looking but now they’re absolute stunners. Coconut was the runt of the litter, but now she’s the boss of the house and even pulls rank over Roo, our 11-year-old Staffy!”

More recently, Benita Birak adopted a four-year-old cat from Luna. “I’d only been at Lintbells for a couple of weeks when Luna came in for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise celebration. I spotted a picture of Wham and he looked exactly like one of our family cats, Geoffrey, who’d been run over. I couldn’t resist.”

“He was quite anxious and easily spooked because he’d been living in a busy house near a building site. I knew my house was quiet and it would be a good space for him. Since I’ve adopted him, I’ve been giving him YuCALM twice a day which has really helped calm him down. He’s super-affectionate and very forceful when he wants to be stroked. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading a book or on the phone, he’ll let you know what he wants!”

Wham sitting on bed

Animal lovers to the rescue

When you’re an animal lover, nothing matters more than the welfare of your pets and other animals. At Lintbells, we’ll carry on supporting the charities that make a difference as well as innovating to create the supplements that help you care for the animals you love.


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