March 20, 2019

On International Happiness day, 20 March, let’s thank our furry friends for all the joy they bring to our lives. And make sure it’s a two-way street.

Dogs are non-stop bundles of happiness that radiate feel-good vibes. They have a knack of making us smile, whatever kind of day we’re having.

Life’s better with a dog

A Lintbells survey discovered that dog owners are happier and more sociable than those without a canine companion.

80% of dog owners are either ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’ with their life

In a poll of 1,000 dog owners and 1,000 adults without a dog, 80% of dog owners said that they were either ‘very happy’ or ‘happy’ with their life. That’s 10% more than those without a four-legged friend.

So what is it about dogs that makes us happy?

Dogs love exercise

Our four-pawed friends have a boundless passion for exercise. The slightest sniff of a walk and they’re standing by the door with a lead in their mouth. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

When you’ve got a dog, you find yourself yomping up a hill in torrential rain, saying things like, “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes,” and telling other people where you bought your full-length waterproof coat and tornado-resistant hat.

Exercise pumps us full of endorphins and makes us feel happy. The more you walk your dog, the happier you’ll be. It’s a simple equation.

Happy close up of dog

They’re so sociable

Dogs don’t wait to be introduced. If they like the look of the Lab next door or take a fancy to an alluring French Pug across the park, that’s it. They’ll be haring off at top speed in seconds, dragging you behind them.

Your dog’s gregarious nature gives you endless opportunities to chat to other people and accept vicarious compliments about your pooch’s charms. These small, heart-warming exchanges happen every day when you have a dog, and they’re sure to create a sense of connection and lift your spirits.  

Dogs are eternal optimists

Our canine companions can’t help looking on the bright side. If you’re putting on your coat, you must be taking them for a walk. If you’re holding a biscuit, it must be for them. If a car door opens, it must mean their ride is waiting.

This trait is hugely endearing and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

They love you unconditionally

Dogs don’t care if you’ve had a disastrous haircut or put your jumper on back to front. They have no views on politics and they would never point out a character flaw. They just love you, no matter what. How uplifting is that?

Dogs are great listeners

If you want to share your worries or discuss a problem, your dog will lie there companionably with their head on your knee and just listen. They pick up on your mood and don’t interrupt, merely raising the occasional eyebrow in a calming manner. Perhaps that’s why 86% of dog owners in our survey believe that dogs can help bring down stress levels.

Happy dog in field

They live in the moment

Numerous studies tell us that living in the moment is the way to a happier life – one where we’re less preoccupied with the past and the future, and more focused on what’s happening right now.

In this respect, your dog is the ideal happiness guru. Watch the way they wrestle with a squeaky toy or follow the scent of something unimaginably intriguing on a walk. The more time you spend with your canine guru, the more you will learn to live in the moment too.

How happy is your dog?

Our survey shows that sharing your life with a pooch has a huge variety of benefits, from health to happiness.

“Dogs are amazing companions,” says John Davies, co-founder of Lintbells, “offering their owners much more than just a wag of their tail in the morning. They are often the first to greet anyone arriving home, they inspire us to spend more time outdoors and offer unconditional love to their owners.”

Make happiness a two-way street

That said, we owe it to our dogs to take care of their needs – even those we can’t see. Natural supplements from Lintbells can aid your pet with their mobility, skin sensitivities, digestion and anxiety, helping them to be happier for longer.

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