December 05, 2018

As we saw on this week’s episode of ‘For The Love Of Dogs’, the importance of giving your puppy the correct care, attention, and training at a young age can’t be overstated. This week on ITV, Stormy, the adorable nine-week-old Pomeranian who arrived at Battersea Dogs Home in need of some tender love and care began training.

The early weeks of a puppy’s development are a magical time where bonds and future behavioural traits are formed. It’s important to pay special attention to your new arrival’s habits and tendencies as spotting potential issues early on can help to avoid problems later in life.

Puppyhood is a great time to bond with your pup, begin basic training, and have a go at socialisation. Here are some top tips to get you started.

Bonding with your new arrival

Building a solid and meaningful relationship with your puppy is vital. There are three pillars to keep in mind when interacting with your new arrival:
  • Affection: Make sure your pup knows that they are loved and it’s more than likely that they will love you in return.
  • Trust: Remember, your home is a totally new environment for your puppy. Stick to a strict feeding, sleeping, and exercise routine in the early weeks as your puppy explores their new surroundings. This will establish you as a comforting, reliable, and trustworthy figure in your puppy’s exciting new life.
  • Mutual Respect: You should respect your new pooch just as you expect your puppy to respect you. Allow them time and space to feel comfortable in your presence and their surroundings. Provide them with lots of comfortable hiding places just in case they need to take some time out to recharge. 


Your puppy’s future behaviour can be shaped by their earliest experiences. It’s important to think ahead and start introducing your puppy to the people, places, and things which may be important parts of their adult life. This includes friends and family members who spend a lot of time at your home, your car if you plan on taking your pooch with you on trips, and other pets they may be living with.

Remember, your puppy will need to be fully vaccinated before it can really start exploring the outside world. Speak to your vet for more advice on what’s suitable at each stage of your pup’s development.

Basic Training

Dog training
Taking your pup along to a group class can be a great way to build your relationship and start boosting their confidence. It’s worth watching a class on your own before bringing your puppy along. This way, you can assess the training style and trainer for yourself before committing to the class.

Outside of the classroom, it’s important to start toilet training early on and establish rules and a routine for feeding, exercise, and rewards. Here’s our blog on top puppy walking tips for when it’s time to venture outdoors.

All this training and confidence building can be tiring for your pup. It’s worth considering a natural supplement like YUM Puppy to provide nutritional support and natural immunity for your new arrival. YUM Puppy works in partnership with your pup’s vaccinations to help them prosper into happy, healthy adult dogs.

We’re so glad to see Stormy receiving such delicate care from ITV’s ‘For The Love Of Dogs’. Keep our advice in mind when you bring your new pup home and remember that affection, trust, and mutual respect are the building blocks of a happy life together.

Watch ITV’s For the Love of Dogs every Wednesday on ITV at 8pm.

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