Lintbells Events

Come and see at these events

Lintbells began by travelling to dog shows across the country back in 2007 with just one product, YuMEGA Dog. Our product portfolio has grown quite dramatically since then, and so has our show team - it was originally the two directors! You will find members of our show team across the country, see the list of events we are attending below:

2019 Shows Date
Manchester Dog Show Society 17th - 20th January
Race Series Weekend - Lenches Lakes 2nd - 3rd March
Crufts - NEC 7th - 10th March
Battersea Muddy Dog Run - Exeter Saturday 13th April
West of England Ladies Kennel Society 26th - 28th April
Badminton Horse Trails  1st - 5th May
Birmingham Dog Show 9th - 12th May
Dogfest South 11th - 12th May
Battersea Muddy Dog Run - Old Windsor 11th - 12th May
Scottish Kennel Club 17th - 19th May
Bath Canine Society 24th - 27th May
Southern Counties Canine Association 31st - 2rd June
Battersea Muddy Dog Run - Cheltenham 1st June
3 Counties Show 6th - 9th June
DogFest North - Cheshire 15th - 16th June
Blackpool & District Canine Society 21st - 23rd June
DogFest - Bristol 22nd - 23rd June
Windsor Dog Show Society  27th - 30th June
Battersea Muddy Dog Run - Nottingham 29th June
East of England Agricultural Society / Just Dogs Live 5th - 7th July
Love Natural, Love You - London 5th - 7th July 
Leeds City & District Canine Association 26th - 28th July 
The Game Fair 26th - 28th July 
Countryfile Live - Blenheim 1st - 4th August
Gatcombe Horse Trials 2nd - 4th August
Paignton & District Fanciers Association  3rd - 6th August
International Agility Festival 8th - 11th August
Countryfile Live - Castle Howard 15th - 18th August
Welsh Kennel Club 16th - 18th August
City of Birmingham Canine Association 30th August - 1st September
Burghley 5th - 8th September 
Richmond Dog Show Society 6th - 8th September
Dog Lovers Show - Scotland 7th - 8th September
Battersea Muddy Dog Run - Manchester 14th - 15th September
Battersea Muddy Dog Run - Tunbridge Wells 21st September 
Battersea Muddy Dog Run - Newcastle 5th October
South Wales Kennel Association 11th - 13th October
Discover Dogs 12th - 13th October
Battersea Muddy Dog Run - Leeds 19th October
Midland Counties Canine Society 24th - 27th October
The National Pet Show 2nd - 3rd November
Your Horse Live 8th - 10th November
Ideal Home Show Christmas 21st - 24th November
Ladies Kennel Association 14th - 15th December