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How to help overweight dogs

According to the PDSA, one-in-three dogs are overweight – and being too heavy isn’t good for health, happiness and longevity. So how can you tell if your dog is getting too chubby, and what do you need to do to help overweight dogs lose weight?

Guide to diets for dogs

Probiotics for dogs overview

If your dog has delicate digestion, it’s likely that you’ve been on the look-out for ways to soothe their tummy. Maybe you’ve tried special diets, or visited your vet? But did you know that dog probiotics can play a role too? So what are probiotics, and how they can support your dog?

Dogs probiotics blog

Special diets for dogs guide

Does your dog sometimes have a grumby tum and the odd ‘ooops’ moment? You’re not alone. With careful research and planning, grumbly tummies can become a thing of the past. Learn about diets for dogs with special requirements, and how probiotics for dogs can support sensitive sorts…

Dog diet guide