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Why do cats get itchy skin? How do you encourage your cat to exercise?

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From how to bring up a healthy kitten through to how help cats lose a little extra weight, find cat health guides and stories to help here.

All about itchy cats

Even the most fastidious feline can become a little itchy from time to time. So in this blog, we take a look at the causes of cat itchy skin. Why do cats get itchy, can how can we soothe irritating itches and ease the urge to scratch?

Itchy cat guide

Raising a healthy kitten guide

Your adorable ball of mischief needs careful guidance as well as lots of toy mice on their journey from playful ball of fluff to well-adjusted feline companion. Here’s how to raise a happy, healthy kitten.

Kitten guide

Easter eating guide – edible dos and dont's

Us humans love Easter for a number reasons, the long weekend being one, the large amount of chocolate another. However, with all this chocolate being poisonous to your dog or cat.

Ellie’s guide

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