November 30, 2018

We know you want to do the very best for your dog. How do we know? Because at Lintbells, we’re dog lovers and dog owners too. We think that there’s nothing better than seeing a bright, happy pooch with its shiny coat and sparkling eyes running through the woods, bouncing in the garden or chasing around the house.

Our dogs rely on us to keep them in good condition – inside and out. It might seem ‘cosmetic’ but maintaining healthy skin and coat are all part of actively supporting your dog’s general health and wellbeing. This is why we created the YuDERM range of supplements, specifically focused on ingredients that support health in this area.

Just like us, your dog’s skin is his natural barrier, so by looking after his skin, you’re looking after him.

So, what ingredients do we use and why?

It’s a well-known fact that Omega oils are essential for improving the look and health of hair and skin. These fatty acids deliver key nutrients, which is why they are often used in both animal and human supplements. Our canine supplements are uniquely formulated to work for your dog. They include two types of Omega oils and Vitamin E. Here’s a breakdown of why we’ve included these wonderful natural ingredients:

omega iconography

Omega 3 – Cold-pressed from fresh salmon and Golden Flax Seed, our Omega 3 oil is the highest quality we can produce. We retain the goodness from the flax seed, improving the effectiveness of the oil and making it naturally tasty for your doggy – so no worries about feeding. We blend the oils from our once-cold-pressed salmon with the Golden Flax Seed oil for an added boost.

Omega 6 – We extract our Omega 6 oils from Borage – also known as Starflower. This oil provides additional nourishment, helping the skin to act as a natural barrier and to encourage both skin and coat health. All our oils are pressed quickly and bottled straight away, to keep them fresh and to retain the highest percentage of goodness from every press.

Vitamin E – This is an important vitamin for supporting your dog’s natural immune defences. Adding Vitamin E to our hair and skin supplements helps to keep your dog’s skin in great condition.

These are the key ingredients in two of our best-selling YuDERM products: YuDERM Dog and YuDERM Itchy Dog. Both natural supplements are designed to be added to your dog’s food on a regular basis. Tasty and easy to give, owners have seen results in as little as 4-6 weeks.

What else is in the YuMEGA range?

Our range also includes some specialist products that support the health of your dog’s coat and skin. These supplements provide additional support for pooches with more specialised needs.

YuDERM Boost – A little extra help for a dog that needs a boost.

This is a great supplement to give alongside YuMEGA Itchy Dog. We’ve designed YuMEGA Boost to promote hair growth, support nail growth, and aid skin health for when your pooch needs a helping hand. As ever, we use natural ingredients that get straight to work, delivering the vital nutritional extras that your furry friend needs to get back to their beautiful, bouncy best. These natural ingredients include:

  • Lecithin for the phospholipids and fatty acids that help to produce healthy, shiny coat growth
  • Zinc for skin health and hair growth
  • Vitamins C and E for natural antioxidants that help keep skin healthy
  • Biotin for keratin formation that promotes healthy skin, nails and coat
  • And, mannanoligosaccharides for easy digestion.

Crufts Show Dog

Show dog at Crufts

YuMEGA Show Dog - Help your dog to shine in true show-stopping style.

  • Are you preparing to show your dogs?
  • Do you want their coats, skin, eyes, and nails to be in peak condition for show season?
  • Could a shinier, healthier coat help to improve your dog’s show scores?

If you answer ‘yes!’ to any of the above then you may want to consider YuMEGA Show Dog. Our specialist supplement, uniquely formulated for show-dogs, uses top-quality ingredients to help your dog’s coat, eyes, skin and nails dazzle the judges. We’ve packed higher volumes into YuMEGA Show Dog because we know you need to get the right effect at the right time.

Whether your pet is star-of-the-show or more of a laid-back-lassie, they could likely benefit from a boost in skin and coat health. Check out the YuDERM range here, or contact our team for advice on 01462 416866.

We’d love to hear about how you keep your dog’s coat healthy! Join us on Facebook and Instagram and share your knowledge and pictures with our community of like-minded and dedicated pet-lovers.

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