December 19, 2018

As ITV’s eye-opening series ‘For The Love Of Dogs’ continues this week, we’re thinking about all those furry friends who won’t have permanent homes to go to this Christmas. It’s a sad thought, but with the love and care of the dedicated volunteers at Battersea Dog’s Home, we hope that every one of these deserving dogs will have homes before they know it.  

Make sure that your pooch knows just how much you love them with a special Christmas gift. We all know how awkward it can be to open a present we don’t like, so we’ve put together a few ideas for gifts your dog will really appreciate. Inspired by our furry friends on ‘For The Love Of Dogs’, here is the Lintbells list of Christmas gifts to suit your dog according to their personality type. 

What your dog really wants for Christmas

Dog sat in snowy field

The feisty fido

It’s great that your dog is full of energy and excited to see you, but it can be a little overwhelming. At Christmas time especially, older and younger members of the family may be intimidated by a jumpy, excitable pooch.

  • Distract your dog with stuffed dog toys like Kong. Your pooch will be delighted by this interactive hollow toy filled with their favourite treat – think peanut butter or banana, like their own mini advent calendar! Keep them entertained for hours by filling the Kong with wet dog food and freezing before handing it over. Follow this link if you’d like some more ideas to help make this Christmas a happy one for everyone.

The hungry hound

We all know a dog who’s never full-up from their Christmas dinner. With family and friends around it’s important to let everyone know what your pet can and can’t eat and whether you’re happy with other people offering treats. Invest in some well-earned healthy treats that you can carry on giving to your pooch well after the Christmas break.

  • Lintbells YuDIGEST Chewies are handy, tasty bites of all-natural prebiotic/probiotic complex which can help to support the natural balance of your dog’s digestive system. This sort of support is particularly useful for those naughty doggies who love to lick up any scraps they can find. A premium treat for your premium pooch – the perfect Christmas gift!

The timid tail-wagger

Does your furry friend shy away from new and unknown situations? Do they cower behind you and get distressed by the prospect of being home-alone? Sounds like you have a timid tail-wagger.

The caring canine

Some dogs just can’t get enough of the cuddles. Dogs are empathetic by nature and always seem to know when we need some puppy love. These contented canines will be happy just to have you and the family around them this Christmas for all the extra attention this will bring.


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