How to reduce dog moulting

dog moultingDog shedding is a real problem for many dog owners. To prevent a dog moulting, your dog’s hair requires a constant supply of nutrients to remain anchored in the skin. Nutrients that support healthy hair are the same as those that support healthy skin and prevent a dog’s health problems: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

There are couple of reasons for dog shedding. It occurs in nearly all dogs and is a natural process of eliminating (shedding) dead hair. Dogs moult when hair doesn’t receive a balanced supply of nutrients, becomes dull, loosens and falls out, so it’s important to feed your dog a high quality diet to reduce moulting.

One of the key things is to ensure they have sufficient omega oils in their skin and coat:

  • Omega 6 oil, LA, is the key component of the skin’s moisture barrier and helps to stop the skin from drying out, enabling it to hold on to the hairs and reduce dogs moulting.
  • Omega 6, GLA, helps to nourish and replenish the skin. By nourishing the skin, it ensures the skin stays healthy and maintains active coat growth rather slipping into a resting phase and losing the hair, perfect for moulting dogs.
  • Omega 3, ALA, helps to keep the coat in good condition. These oils help to support the outer coat hairs, providing waterproofing and protection from the outside elements.

Yumega provides the correct ratios of these key omega 3 and 6 oils to ensure your dog’s skin and coat are properly nourished. By simply adding to your dog’s food, Yumega reduces dog moulting and promotes active hair growth, keeping your dog’s coat strong and healthy.

Yumega is naturally produced using golden flax and starflower oils, which are cold pressed with only the top 20% used – just like the finest extra virgin olive oil. In fact, Yumega’s quality selection is so stringent that even some human grade oils are rejected.

Yumega is available from Pets at Home, Jollyes and leading petshops and vets, or visit the Yumega web pages to buy online.


For more information on moulting, why not read this article – ‘What causes moulting in dogs?

Written by James Howie

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