September 26, 2018

Well, not quite. It is true that fish oil, including cod liver oil, is high in omega-3 (these good oils are called ‘essential fatty acids’ or EFAs). However, Cod Liver Oil is not the best option for dogs. ‘Essential’ means animals (such as dogs) cannot synthesise these fatty acids and need them to be provided in their diets.

There are several different omega-3’s but the two main ones found in fish oil are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Some of the highest levels of these are found in high quality salmon oil.

Providing essential fatty acids (EFAs) such as omega-3 in the diet can have a number of beneficial effects: 

  • Skin: Fish oil can be particularly helpful for dogs with itchy or dry skin. That’s why we include salmon oil in YuDERM Itchy Dog.
  • Joint Care: Dogs with reduced mobility in their joints may also benefit from increased levels of the omega-3 EPA found in fish oil. Another useful omega-3 to help with mobility is ETA (eicosatetraenoic acid). This is found in green-lipped mussels, which is an ingredient in supplements such as YuMOVE which we produce to aid dog joint stiffness.
  • Immune responses: Increased consumption of omega-3 has been shown to have beneficial effects in supporting the immune systems of ageing dogs.
  • Support healthy circulation: Just like the effect it has on us, omega-3 can support healthy circulation in dogs which is important for their heart health.
  • Growth: Large quantities of the omega-3 DHA are deposited in the brain and eye during late stage gestation and post-natal growth (the period immediately after birth). This can help with brain and eye development in young animals, which is why we include omega 3 DHA in our puppy supplement, YUM Puppy.

Pay attention to Active Ingredients

Active ingredients are the most important part of any supplement. The higher the levels of omega-3 in a fish oil supplement, the greater the benefit to your pet. Oils such as cod-liver oil tend to be quite low in the active omega-3’s and higher in vitamin A (which is unlikely to be needed when there is a sufficient level in their normal diet).

The quality of the fish oil is also very important. High quality salmon oil will have fewer impurities than a lower quality oil and will taste a lot better (a less rancid or ‘fishy’ taste). It also supplies a higher level of active omega-3 for your dog.

YuMEGA Itchy Dog contains only pure salmon oil with no additives. The salmon used in YuMEGA Itchy Dog are taken straight from the fjord and processed into oil in less than 1 hour, which ensures your pet receives only the freshest and best quality oils. This method of taking the oil ensures that only the important unsaturated fatty acids that benefit your pet’s health are preserved.

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