January 30, 2017

As part of our tenth year at Crufts in March, we’re celebrating all dogs – including those that may not have a forever home yet. We wanted to give back to our wonderful dogs as they do so much for us! The work the rescue centres and charities do is invaluable, to help support these fantastic causes we are going to be donating Crufts’ profits to two charities or rescue centres chosen by you!

Over on our Facebook and Twitter pages we asked for you to nominate the charities or rescue centres close to your hearts. And wow – we were overwhelmed with the number of nominations we received. We had over 8,000 in total and each and every one of them have given so much back. As a way of giving each nomination an equal chance to be part of the shortlist, we used a randomiser to fairly select each one.  

Here are the random top 5 charities/rescue centres, ready for your votes.

Below are some lovely words their supporters have written, giving reasons why you should vote for them.


1. Labradors in Need


“I would like to nominate Labradors in Need who work tirelessly to help the dogs who come through. Many have issues or health problems but no matter what they go above and beyond to help all volunteer run x” “I would like to nominate Labradors in Need -a fantastic group of committed volunteers who go above and beyond to make sure any labs (or lab crosses) find perfect forever homes.”
“Labradors in need please - a volunteer run and foster based rescue of amazing people working as a wonderful team doing fab things for labs and lab crosses”
“It's a smaller nationwide charity that is run by volunteers and continue after placement with brilliant aftercare. Volunteers foster the dogs in their own homes until forever homes can be found not sent to kennels. Not being a BIG organisation means the volunteers are always fundraising to keep up with costs.”
“A volunteer run based rescue that helps find forever homes for rescued 4paws and also lost 4paw lovers who miss a 4paw buddy.”  


2. Ravens Rescue UK

“I nominate Ravens Rescue UK please!! An amazing rescue that always go above and beyond for any animal needing help. Often taking in cases that others”
“They work tirelessly to give dogs and cats another chance in life no matter how poorly or how old they are. They recently rescued and are re homing the poor puppies found in the suitcase in Birmingham. They are an amazing charity and have a wonderful team who go above and beyond for every animal in their care. They work tirelessly raising funds to pay for vet treatment and operations so any donations are gratefully received by them. Please pick Ravens Rescue UK - they are angels x”
“I would like to nominate ravens rescue West midlands. They are such a fab organisation who help all animals who are in need. They work so hard, they are all so caring and compassionate. They deserve recognition for their work.”
“It is run by some wonderful people who are hand 24/7 To help all animals in need. Dogs, cats, kittens etc. are safe when they are under their wings. Recently they have rescued animals who have been cruelly treated - some so badly that there looked to be no hope. However, with their love and care most of these animals have recovered and are slowly putting their trust in humans. The stories of their lives are very upsetting, but Ravens Rescue will go to any lengths to protect and help these animals. They are all so wonderful and I am honoured to nominate them.”
“Ravens rescue uk all the way! They are amazing, they never stop thinking about giving animals a second lease of life no matter what. They are the most caring and hardworking team. They treat every animal as their own until they find loving homes. If they are not with an animal they are working to support their charity, you will NEVER find a hardworking loving caring charity like Ravens.”


3. Makants Greyhound Rescue NW


“I too would like to nominate Makants Greyhound Rescue NW. A wonderful doggy centred charity run by truly dedicated ordinary people all for the love of these beautiful hounds.”
“Makants Greyhound Rescue NW deserve consideration as the obvious love and dedication that goes into preparing these ex-racing greyhounds for life in their forever homes is wonderful to experience.”
“Makants Greyhound Rescue NW please. A newly set up charity that busts a gut to find the greyhounds they rescue suitable homes and back up advice is always available if needed. The volunteers do sterling work that I and many others admire greatly. A very worthy charity.”
“Makants Greyhound Rescue NW. A fantastic charity whose volunteers work tirelessly to rehabilitate and rehome greyhounds.”  


4. Animal SOS Sri Lanka


“Animal SOS Sri Lanka do an amazing job taking in and looking after dogs that probably wouldn't survive for long if they continued living on the streets.”
“Animal SOS Sri Lanka for all the amazing work and time the volunteers put in to help these gorgeous animals. X”
“Animal sos Sri Lanka has my vote. Because of them, so many street dogs and disabled dogs are given a second chance. They are an amazing organization and I'm proud to nominate them!!” “Animal SOS Sri Lanka is my vote. They do a great service to homeless cats and dogs and it's unbelievable how they bring lives back to those innocent animals”


5. Dobermann Rescue

“These guys are incredible. The love and determination they show towards the dogs is amazing.”
“This rescue is working so very very hard going above and beyond. They desperately need funding to continue the good work they do.”
“A dedicated team of rescuers, helpers, fosterers and adopters. They go the extra mile to get dogs safe, even when officially they should be closed for a well earned Christmas break with family.”
“Dobermann rescue uk. After losing my beautiful girl they helped me to be a family again with a wonderful girl in need of love and a home. They make me feel humbled daily.”
“I would like to nominate Dobermann rescue uk and europe. They saved my Ollies life. He was close to death when they got hold of him. He’s now such a happy healthy boy and they continue to support us 10 months on.”

Thank you to every single one of you for nominating, Get voting, the top 2 charities & rescue centres that get the most votes will be part of our Crufts Celebration. #LintbellsCelebrates Voting ends midday Friday 3rd February 2017.