YUMPRO BioActiv - for dog digestive problems

At Lintbells we are always looking for new ways to improve dog health, and we know that digestive health can be a real problem for many dogs.

Digestive upsets are very common in dogs and can be caused by a number of reasons including change of diet, stress, scavenging or difficulty digesting food. Typical signs of digestive upsets include:

  • Loose or runny stools
  • Excess flatulence
  • Poor appetite
  • Dull coat and poor overall health

After extensive research into gut health, we have developed YUMPRO BioActiv, a unique blend of prebiotics and probiotic bacteria specifically developed to actively support your dog’s digestive health:

  • Tops up good bacteria – 200 million probiotic bacteria per tablet help to restore and stabilise your dog’s natural population of health-protecting gut bacteria.
  • Inhibits bad bacteria – provides bioactive prebiotics that bind and destroy harmful bacteria that can lead to digestive upsets, whilst feeding the good bacteria.

YUMPRO BioActiv supports your dog’s digestive health – the bioactive combination of probiotic and prebiotics support a healthy gut environment to aid digestive health, helping your dog stay fit and active.

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