YUMEGA Plus - Help To Calm Your Dog’s Itchy Skin Condition

Yumega Plus is a blend of natural ingredients including the finest Omega 3 & 6 oils from cold-pressed Golden Flax, Starflower plus fresh Salmon oil - all carefully selected to help dogs with sensitive and itchy skin. It is an ideal daily supplements for pets to achieve great coat and skin condition.

Yumega Plus is proven to help cope with dog skin problems:

  • Calms sensitive skin
  • Increases your dog’s comfort by reducing itching and scratching
  • Aids irritation of skin conditions in dogs
  • Supports your dog’s healthy skin

The Omega 3 & 6 oils in Yumega Plus is developed especially to calm your itchy dog's skin to reduce scratching, and support skin health over the longer term. Omega-6 fatty acids are very important according to scientists in keeping our pets healthy.


Yumega Plus contains the richest natural sources of essential Omega 3 and 6 seed oils from cold-pressed Golden Flax, Starflower and fresh Salmon oil. It’s recommended to dog owners who would like to improve their dog’s sensitive skin, and prevent a dog scratching.

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"Yumega Plus was recommended to me as Paddy had very itchy skin. We had tried everything from vets to complementary approaches. Yumega Plus has really helped him so I now use it every day. I can really recommend this product"

Rona Whiteway



"Minsk has always been an itchy dog, scratching all the time. Within a day or two of using Yumega Plus, the scratching had reduced significantly"

Paula Melrose

Average Owner Rating = 4.6 out of 5 (47 reviews)

5 stars

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