CLA Game Fair Offers

After such a great CLA Game Fair last year, it was a big disappointment that this years’ Game Fair was cancelled due to all the heavy rain we have had recently. We were really looking forward to it!

We were planning to run some great show offers to help you get your dogs ready for the coming season, so to make up for you missing out, we’d like to offer you the following:

  • Our leading dog joint supplement, YUMOVE Working Dog, for only £50 (normally £69.99). Click here to visit the online store and enter discount code CLAWD in the shopping basket.YUMOVE WORKING DOG is the only supplement that provides all the key ingredients needed to support your dog’s joint health and improve energy and stamina. It contains only the best quality ingredients at levels that provide fast, effective and long-term support for joint health.

One tub of YUMOVE Working Dog will last a medium size gundog (16-30kg) for 8 months, seeing you right through the season, and with the CLAWD discount, this cost you only £50 (normally £69.99)

After a hard day’s work, your dog’s joints will be feeling the strain. Typical signs that show your dog is starting to struggle include:

• Slower to respond or retrieve

• Falling behind

• ‘Carrying’ a leg, or possibly limping

• Struggling to get back into the vehicle at

the end of the day

• Slow to rise the following morning

This is because the tissues around the joints start to swell, putting extra pressure on the joints causing pain and stiffness. These symptoms can get worse in bad weather as low atmospheric pressure allows the joint tissues to swell further, putting more pressure on the joints.

By giving them YUMOVE Working Dog, you can make sure they are getting everything they need to keep them fit through the season.


Here are our special show offers:

  • YUMOVE Working Dog for only £50 (normally £69.99) - enter discount code CLAWD in the Lintbells online store or call 01462 790886

If you have any questions or would like advice on your dog's health, please give us a call on 01462 790886.