Reduce your dog’s scratching

Itchy skin in dogs has become a very common health condition, particularly with the modern lifestyles our dogs lead.

Itchy skin in dogs has become very common, particularly with the modern lifestyles our dogs lead. Understanding what is causing the skin condition behind your dog's itching and scratching is very important if you're going to help reduce it, and you may need professional help to sort it.

Parasites and nutrition – factors for your dogs’ health

Many dog skin conditions can often be solved by ensuring your pet is getting the right nutritional balance - not always easy with modern complete diets - coupled with effective parasite control.

  • Parasites - Fleas, ticks and mange or lice can cause great discomfort and make your dog scratch and rub to gain relief. You can check your dog's skin and coat for signs of parasites, and there are plenty of good flea treatments available, but if you are uncertain what you are looking for, it is worth getting a professional opinion from a vet.
  • Nutrition - A common cause of itching is dry or flaky skin. This is often due to a lack of sufficient omega oils in their diet. If your dog has a dry or flaky skin condition, it is often a sign that they need more omega oils in their diet. The best way to supply this is through an omega 3 & 6 oil supplement.

What can help your dog’s skin condition?

In a scientific study on 51 dogs, Yumega was proven to improve skin condition in as little as 3-6 weeks, simply by mixing YUMEGA with the dog's meal:

  • 75% of dogs with poor scratching scores* improved after just 6 weeks
  • 73% of owners reported an improvement in their dog's skin condition

Tips to help itchy dogs:

  • Consult with your vet - they can work out what is troubling your dog and recommend the best course of treatment.
  • Good diet is the cornerstone of a healthy skin and coat. If the skin is dry or itchy or the coat is dull, consider increasing use of omega supplements such as YUMEGA PLUS.
  • Consider bathing your dog with a shampoo designed to sooth irritated skin, but not too frequently as you don't want to dry out their skin. If bathing more regularly becomes necessary, include YUMEGA PLUS in the diet to make up for lost oils from the skin and coat.
  • Keep up to date on flea control. Flea allergies can cause skin eruptions and should be treated immediately.
  • Brush the coat daily and carefully comb or cut out matted hair which can hold dirt and debris and from which bacteria can enter the skin causing bacterial dermatitis.
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